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Cool website: website is now online.

November 28, 2008

VIA dance-tech list

Choreographic Captures 2008:

Dear Artists and colleagues,

We’re pleased to announce that the website is now online.

The website contains about 100 choreographic short films which were submitted to the first international Choreographic Captures competition in 2008. Additional films will be added next year. Choreographic Captures,… Continue

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cimatics bruxelles friday 28th nov'08

The festival unites art, music, media and design in a relentless approach of contemporary culture.

( es mucho más visual que artes escénicas, pero son artistas que en un momento dado creo han o harían colaboraciones con artistas que trabajan el todas formas..algunos, seguro, viven de la disco...y donde sinó uno/a mueve el cuerpo..!!)

He asistido a screenings de video ( me interesaba el programa de audio… Continue

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Dancing Scientists

Dancing Scientists Invade YouTube

YouTube dancing contests not just for dancers....

via ScienceNOW

By John Bohannon

ScienceNOW Daily News

20 November 2008

Six weeks ago, the Gonzo Scientist challenged researchers around the world to interpret their Ph.D. research in dance form, film the dance, and share it with the world on YouTube (Science, 10 October, p. 186). By the 11… Continue

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European Musicday Anniversary Party in Athens

Call for video entries

EUROPEAN MUSICDAY ANNIVERSARY invites international video-artists to show their work in a celebrating venue that will take place on the 21 of December in Athens, Greece. The video works category includes short videos, music videos, animation, dance videos and video art, that have been completed / released after 1-1-2005.

Closing day for submissions is 17th December 2008

Requirements for Entry

Submissions… Continue

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Hello dance-techers;

Due to a proliferation of spam and spam-bots (non-human members), as of November 23th new members have to be approved by the administrator and only members are able to see the content of this site.

This regulation does not change any of the site features but will ensure the integrity of the site goal and its focus.

It is also required from all members to update their profile page with your complete/FULL name and with ALL new required…

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Android Rehearsal Assistant version 0.0.1 released

For those of you that have access to an Android device (e.g., the new G1 phone):

Rehearsal Assistant is a software tool which helps performance artists conduct rehearsals by addressing media-related needs. Version 0.0.1 has been released for the Android platform, and allows choreographers, directors, lighting designers and others to take notes (record audio annotations) while watching a rehearsal run (or any other event), and review them later.

The recording interface… Continue

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SEEDS (Somatic Experiments in Earth, Dance + Science) Festival Open Calll

SEEDS Festival

Somatic Experiments in Earth, Dance, + Science

June 14 - 28th 2009

Earthdance · Plainfield, Massachusetts

We are very excited to announce our second annual arts and ecology Festival, SEEDS, from June 14th –28th, 2009. Save the Date!



SEEDS Festival will benefit from projects beyond… Continue

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Leonard has a skin! (And it's green and furry)

In our latest days of Leonard construction, we have ventured away from Chapter 1: the foam and, moved toward Chapter 2: the fabric. These two chapters in The Making of Leonard had a bit of an overlap as you can see in the below pictures.

As these pictures show, we added the center piece to the dome that Shawn will secure to the… Continue

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Call for A-i-R proposals: Soft Technology

V2_Lab, the artistic Research & Development (aRt&D) department of V2_ Institute for Unstable Media in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has a vacancy for a three-month artist’s residency from January 15 to April 15, 2009.

Deadline for applications: December 7th 2008

To download your application form please follow this link.


V2_Lab has an extensive history in the field of… Continue

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Arts in the urban space

Contemporary creation as a tool…


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« exercer les images » contemporary dance training program in CCN Montpellier around the image

Application call

« exercer les images » contemporary dance training program

ex.e.r.ce 09/10 is being shaped around the theme of “the image”, which will serve as a pivot for

the entire program. The image’s role in dance is multifarious. It is a wellspring for work,

inspiration and references; it is a powerful tool for writing, memory and props.The ex.e.r.ce

09/10 program will pursue three lines of research, exploring how dance has… Continue

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Artistic Residency in México, La Granja Art Center Call for Proposal 2009.

Call for Proposal 2009.

La Granja Art Center is a space for the development, research and exhibition of contemporary art work, and also the promoter of new social dynamics between artist and the community through the Chamaco Project.

The residency program offers a unique opportunity to step outside of daily live in order to work in a stimulating environment, and provides the privacy for focused work while still encouraging community exchanges with children, art… Continue

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Shadows of Angels Dance Company has.....

A COMMISSION. Geez Louise its been awhile since I've said that. I am happy and excited, but also more than a little scared right now. Some of you who are in the scene 1-for the money, 2-for the show etc. may say: whats the big honkin' deal, my company gets 3 commissions every 6 do you think I put bread on the table?? Well its been about 11 years since I've actually been asked to come up with something FOR someone, as opposed to coming up with something just for the love of the… Continue

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REBLOGGING: revisiting angels fear: recursion, ecology and aesthetics

Important reminder of the relevance of Gregory Bateson

by Peter Harries-Jones


In honour of the centenary of Gregory Bateson’s birth (1904), this article revisits some of the themes of his posthumous publication, Angels Fear. Some of the book goes over ground that Bateson had covered in prior publications, yet it contains three new themes. The first of these concerned recursion. Generally unnoticed by the reviewers of the… Continue

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The continuation of the DOME (aka - Leonard's head)

So two weeks ago we took our cardboard model and began rebuilding it with the foam. To our surprise, this wasn't quite as hard as we had expected. We figured that some modifications might need to be made in order to compensate for the extra inch of thickness not accounted for with the cardboard; however, this was not the case. (yay!) Here is a super speedy video documenting the process of building the top portion of the dome and the lower jaw.

WARNING: This looks much more productive… Continue

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Graduate Student Conference: Dance Across the Board

New York University presents:

Impulses to Begin

Dance Across the Board Graduate Student Conference

Hosted by the Tisch Dance Department, NYU, January 31st, 2009

Call for Papers and Performances

Dance Across the Board is seeking proposals that consider the theme: Impulses to Begin. We would like to explore the notion of impulse in the field of dance, and the ways in which it spurs beginnings… Continue

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I had this revelation that, in the process of creation, its not about your technique but more so about how fast you can translate THOUGHT INTO ACTION. What you see is what you do. Technique is an afterthought. Sure there is a certain randomness that comes from being in the studio and letting impulse, gravity, weight, control you - but the more you "see" and can translate in real-time into bodily action, the more "true" your creation will be to your vision.

I envy graphic novel… Continue

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