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Stephanie Rothenberg: The Double Happiness of a Virtual Middle Class

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Intermedia artistStephanie Rothenberg presents "Invisible Threads", a mixed reality project in real and Second Life. Form Eyebeam's website.

Stephanie Rothenberg uses performance, video, and net-based media to create interactive situations that question relationships between individuals and socially constructed identities, lifestyles and… Continue

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The Movement on Screen Festival (short moves08) took place in Manchester and Lancaster from 22nd to 26th April 2008. Here is my little summary of the event for anyone who – unfortunately - could not make it because you really missed something. It was simply awesome! Pascale Moyse, Festival Director of Moves08, pulled together a well-organized, interesting and elite-level string of events and although the festival was filled with high profile and… Continue

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Taeyoon Choi: Disrupting Public Spaces with Sense of Humor

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Short interview with Taeyoon Choi on his project Camerautomata developed at Eyebeam as an artist in residency. From Eyebeam's website:

Taeyoon Choi is a Seoul-based artist working with performance and digital media. Choi’s works intervene into urban media spaces humorously, in order to deliver critical commentary on contemporary digital… Continue

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Friedrich Kirschner: digital puppets prototype@Eyebeam

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I visited Eyebeam's reception for several fellows. Friedrich Kirschner presented a prototype of one of his recent projects as Production Fellow. From Eyebeams's website:

Friedrich joins Eyebeam as a fellow in the Production Lab. He is also a filmmaker, visual artist and board member of the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences, and… Continue

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Interview with Michelle Ellsworth: Dance Artifacts and the Cloud

I interviewed Michelle Ellsworth before the premiere of her work http://www.tifprabap.org/ at Dance Theater Workshop in NYC.

She talked about her journey as dance soloist making connection between technology, religions and humanness.

In this episode I am experimenting with hyperlinking het video material/documentation to augment her words. I am using Viddler that allows you to create links and comment and more as dots in the timeline. So, hover over the dot… Continue

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Grant & In-kind Support for Dance Video - Young Choreographers Initiative


Competition for The 2008 Susan Braun Award

DFA is offering an opportunity for a choreographer between the age of 16-25 living in New York City to create a short dance film and/or adapt a stage choreography for the camera with a young filmmaker with grant from DFA. Named after DFA's founder, the late Susan Braun, the award is cash and guidance from mentors who are dance and film professionals.

1st prize: Susan Braun Award… Continue

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Marlon & I have been debating the design of an on-line component to dance on camera. We've explored some names, such as dance on camera: mash-up or Mash-Up Mambo. We've wondered whether to make it a contest to be judged by editors, to tie it to specific scores or themes, to offer prizes or to set it up as something more timeless, something that could continue into perpetuity.

Reading today that Charles Darwin would be 200 next year, I propose that we honor his theory of… Continue

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Dance and Technology class

UPDATE: Here are some links I've put together re: dance+tech. Visit this site for a short-list of what I mentioned.

I'll be teaching a class on dance and technology this week at Hofstra. I'll be speaking about some of my work with Misnomer, dance-tech's work, and work elsewhere.

If you have particularly interesting or recent work you'd like for me to show, send it my way. I'll add it to a list of links for the… Continue

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Please take this survey on videodance and Move the Frame blog

Click here to take a survey on Move the Frame!

Dear friends and colleagues,

I'm conducting a little survey to collect information about your perceptions of Move the Frame blog and videodance in general to help me to improve the blog and make it more useful to you and the videodance community. Also, I'm writing a case study on Move the… Continue

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Vlogging:Visit to Eathdance to Interview Ruth Zaporah

See another interview in Ruth Zaporah:

http://www.actiontheater.com/ http://www.actiontheater.com/ http://www.earthdance.net/…


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Find more videos like this on dance-tech.net www.mediatisedsites.net a one day performance festival in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK with live events and installations. The festival brought together a ran…

Find more videos like this on dance-tech.net

www.mediatisedsites.net a one day performance festival in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK with live events and installations. The festival brought together a range of performance, movement, sound and visual artists who use free online social technologies in their work as a means of developing interactive performance vocabularies that transcend… Continue

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Mini Makeover

The FireBox website has had a mini makeover this weekend with slicker page views and online videos. I'm trying to monitor how quickly the videos are streaming on different browsers and connections so please let me know what you think of the waiting time. The videos will open up in a new page so feel free to browse through the rest of the site while you're waiting.


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Shared[RE]View: Invitation to collaborative on-line dance reviews (with video)

This is the first the installment of Shared[RE]view, an experiment in on-line video review of dance performances. This video is an invitation to a collaborative review and feedback system for artists taking advantage of the increased access to the internet and on-line video sharing.

I rReviwed a shared program: Jilian Pena presented Mothership and Michelle… Continue

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corrected live broadcast URL

Laura Cooper's performance:


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live internet broadcast mediatised sites performance festival 19.04.08

for full schedule click


http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mediatisedsitess-show - channel live between 2-00 – 5-30pm BST and 8-00-9-00pm BST

Tune in to the following URLs for live feed of virtual performances:

Laura Cooper performs Exercise Rose(es) from 1-2pm BST… Continue

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Clarification about Cycling74 and dance-tech.net...NOT A SPONSOR...a friend...please read!

These is a thread at matt's blog with a Tony Shultz's comment that I need clarify:


I posted this as response to their comment in but I am placing here also:

hello Tony and Matt,

this is Marlon from dance-tech.net

I respect you opinions about the content etc.

I just wanted to make clear that Cycling74 IS NOT A SPONSOR of dance-tech,net.

It is an "institutional friend" as way of facilitating a sustainable…

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Jilian Pena at DTW: a déjà vu of my own fantasy

Find more videos like this on dance-tech.net

i intervied dance/visual artist Jillian Peña. She creates video vignettes/tableaux as hybrid performances mixing hope and cinicism, spiritulaity and UFOs as a way of dealing with the concept of dance. Interviewed at Dance Theater Workshop, NYC


Video-based artist Jillian Peña's newest work, MOTHERSHIP, is a virtual… Continue

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DTW gives discounts to dance-tech.net members

DTW consolidates as an institutional Friend!

Dance-tech members receive 40% discount on tickets to Dance Theater Workshop. Mention the code DT40 and bring valid proof such as a Dance-tech profile page printout, Union card, or a postcard/program from a recent performance or collaborative project. All discounts are one per person. Discounts must be… Continue

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Evolutionary Robotics: motion and perception couplings...

Hod Lipson demonstrates a few of his cool little robots, which have the ability to learn, understand themselves and even self-replicate. At the root of this uncanny demo is a deep inquiry into the nature of how humans and living beings learn and evolve, and how we might harness these processes to make things that learn and… Continue

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