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Is this real life?

I am frankly overwhelmed by the fact that I have am just entering the world of dance and technology.

The possibilities at the intersection of movement- something so organic, and video- purely technological, are explosive. I was going to write this post about a video on Movement Research:http://www.dance-tech.net/video/movement-research-theResearch that is "process-oriented rather than product oriented" and… Continue

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Interview with Thomas Dumke: On CYNETart and new media performance

Back in October I spoke with Thomas Dumke about CYNETart Festival and performative arts in the context of new media art. Our conversation was possible thanks to Sonja Lebos from UIII.org, Association for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Research,… Continue

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Agecif et formation aux Arts Numériques

Face au manque criant de formation dans le domaine des arts et spectacles numériques, hors pratiques et techniques artistiques, l'AGECIF lance trois formations spécialisées notamment en partenariat avec le Zinc à Marseille : Médiation des Arts Numériques, Production des arts numérique et Communication des arts numériques. On pourra télécharger au bas de ce post les présentations de ces formations.

L’AGECIF se place au service du… Continue

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White Caps - A New Paradigm For BBoying in Dance and Film

Over the past 10 months we have been creating a dance theatre work which strives to take the bboying dance form into new territory. "White Caps", a live and film performance for the Bristol Old Vic in England, aims to explore the full expressive depth that the bboying technique holds, following the journey of two young men as they embark on an epic adventure in a compassionate, exhilarating search for completeness.

We documented the process we went though to create this work, which i… Continue

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1|11|2005: The site named 'videodance' that is part of emptyfilm website is launched as a beta version, including 5 videodance films with overall title '5 Paths'. These films were co-produced by the Greek State School of Dance and the British Council as part of a workshop taught by the filmmaker Margaret Williams. It contains the history of videodance, from 1880 to 2002, theory and reviews on this hybrid form of art that combines dance and film, bibliography and links.

Since 2005 the… Continue

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Dublin, 11-26 September 2010 Dublin Fringe Festival

16th Dublin Fringe Festival

invitation for submissions for its culture jamming line-up of contemporary arts


Dublin Fringe Festival is delighted to welcome submissions for the 2010 edition of ABSOLUT Fringe. For two weeks in September Dublin will be captivated by theatre, dance, music, visual art, live… Continue

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call for entries

Hi everybody,
since some years we are organizing the project series called "media motion". It is dedicated to artists in the field of dance and multimedia. The performances take place at m.a. studio, a studio near Zürich, Switzerland. We are looking for interesting projects to be scheduled for 2011.
For more information, check www.susannebraun.ch and/or contact us through our website.

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Reblog: Summing Up Alastair Macaulay by Eva Yaa Asantewaa on InfiniteBody

Alastair Macaulay is a bored man.

The New York Times chief dance critic, an import from London, has been holding down a position of outsized power that he never merited. When he first got here, I thought he'd bring a voice of passion, which I value. But, for the most part, I stopped reading his work when it became clear that his experience and sympathies mainly run to elite choreographers—Balanchine, Cunningham, Paul Taylor, Mark Morris--and a handful of other artists he deems… Continue

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Interesting Essay: Simulation as a Global Resource

Pier Luigi Capucci

[This paper was originally presented at the International Conference “Consciousness Reframed 10 – experiencing [design] – behaving [media]”, Munich, MHMK, University of Applied Sciences, November 19 – 21, 2009]

The idea of “simulation” is a very intriguing, multifaceted and complex issue. Words like “verisimilitude”, “emulation”,… Continue

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Gilles Jobin Dance Company (Geneva-CH) is auditioning

1 male + 1 female contemporary dancer

Creation period june, september-october-november-december 2010-01-19

Tour 2010 and 2011 season. Very strong contemporary dance technique and

experience needed. Audition will take place in Geneva and/or

Paris/Berlin/Bruxelles in February. By invitation only. Please send a

cv/résumé, photo and short motivation letter by email. And a link to

see videos… Continue

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First post

Hello everyone. I just start discovering this site.

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Apología de la acción – reflexiones sobre artes escénicas y internet

por Quim Pujol

Los seres humanos poseemos una escasísima inteligencia y unas habilidades perceptivas extremadamente limitadas. Eso hace que todo objeto que no encaje en una categoría configurada de antemano produzca ansiedad y rechazo. Por oposición, cualquier cosa reconocible y perfectamente categorizable nos alivia. El placer del reconocimiento.

¿Es la historia lineal o circular? ¿Tendemos hacia el progreso? A pesar de la… Continue

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Looking for a flat in NYC in June

I'm going to New York City for month this summer. Will be staying there from 27th of May until 30th of June, and need to rent a flat or a room during that time. My husband is coming too but we're used to compact living. :P Please, please, please, help me!

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No Fixed Points in Space: Transferring Form, Time, and Narrative between Architecture and Performance

No Fixed Points in Space: Transferring Form, Time, and Narrative between Architecture and Performance

Date: January 26, 2010 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm EST

Location: Columbia University

Morningside Campus

Miller Theatre: 2960 Broadway at 116th Street

Contact: For further information regarding this event, please contact School of the Arts by sending email to arts@columbia.edu .

Moderated and curated by architect Annie K. Kwon, No Fixed Points in… Continue

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Visualizing (the Derra de Moroda) Dance Archives

Visualizing Dance Archives is a research and development project aimed at creating a 3D animation software for dance and choreography.

The goal of this project is to develop a new unique software, which provides the possibility to access historic static sources and to translate their referentiality into visuality, thus revealing its motoric and kinetic aspects. The new computer application will aid research in reconstructing dance by creating animated movement sequences. It will… Continue

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A Look at the Impulse Theater Festival 2009

At the fifteenth Impulse Festival, the theater meeting of the independent scene in North Rhine-Westphalia, projects triumphed that work on changing life into art....

article on goethe institut webpage


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Informations according residencies for the first half of 2010:

Download | PDF 0.2MB

1 February 2010 (post-marked) is the closing date for applications for residencies for the second half of 2010 (August until December 2010).

The program Tanzplan Potsdam: Artists-in-Residence offers international choreographers the opportunity of several weeks work residencies… Continue

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"Cubist" CD Release is for Dance

DANCE is central to this band! Please join us at the CD release pahty!

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Haiti Earthquake Relief: 9 Ways to Help Now

Want to help the people of Haiti who lost homes, friends and family members in the 7.0-magnitude earthquake yesterday? Well, there are several places online where you can easily and quickly donate without even leaving your desk.


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Video of Bare Bones Butoh performance

This is "Snake Goddess". A piece I did last weekend at Bare Bones Butoh Presents 16. Enjoy!


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